Maybe a 17 year-old won’t be able to relate to this new album, if they love Fevers and Mirrors. But my guess is, when that 17-year old is 27, they will. And hopefully this album will be waiting for them when they get there.

Conor Oberst on “Upside Down Mountain,” 2014 (via annotatedconoroberst)

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Oh, let’s break some hearts


people that call you by just your last name

  • gym teachers/coaches
  • someone that wants to challenge you to a battle to the death

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Dallas Buyers Club (USA, 2013)

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Alabama Shakes You Ain’t Alone 


just regular ole day at the Bob’s Burgers


just regular ole day at the Bob’s Burgers

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Now you hate me baby, but don’t break the needle!


Alt-J - Breezeblocks


I would say RIP, but Alvin sure as hell is not going to be peacefully plucking a harp…he’s going to be rocking the joint up there! He’s going home!


Tom Waits by James Minchin

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Norman & Eye in the Dark

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